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“MT-Invest” renders the full spectrum on the mergers and acquisitions market. We distinctly realize the responsibility to prepare our clients for accurate negotiations. We constantly remember that every brand, essentially, is built on the people, with their various mindsets, visions, and stances. Our tasks are not missing any details, taking into account all the factors and risks, and minimizing possibilities of misunderstanding or other potential negative outcomes for the future partners.

We can prove useful to fulfill the following tasks:

Searching for buyers

1. Price coordination for asset sales, preparations of presentations, and conducting due diligence.
2. Finding the buyer to complete the transaction.
3. Organization of negotiations, composition of arguments for the seller, and motivation for the buyer.
4. Deal structuring.
5. Commencing negotiations by closing the deal and signing the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

Searching for sellers

1. Getting a proposal about finding targets for the M&A process, and determining the main criteria of such targets (field of the business activity, price, etc.).
2. Evaluating the attractiveness of a given market.
3. Selecting targets.
4. Organizing negotiations between the interested parties, evaluating assets and audit of financial accounts of the facility.
5. Commencing negotiations by closing the deal and signing the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

Attracting a strategic investor or financial partner to receive additional share capital.

Organizing the search for interested strategic or financial partners to raise additional share capital.

We specialize in diverse fields and are prepared to render services for M&A transactions in the following markets:

  • Oil and gas
  • Agriculture
  • Construction materials
  • Food and beverage
  • Machinery construction
  • Mass Media
  • Logistics
  • Retail trade
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Financing
  • Real Estate & Development
Our client is a Company which:
  • understands the importance of attracting the operator for successful M&A transaction
  • is interested in a long-term cooperation
  • owns assets with the value of at least USD 1.0 mln.

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