Prospects of Ukrainian business in Russia.

Economy, 10.02.2011

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CRH Company added SLL “Lvivsky Beton” to the list of its assets.

Economic truth, 10.06.2011

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Business profitability in our country is considerably higher than in Europe!

The interview of Myroslav Tabakharnyuk with Weekly 2000, 29.06.2011

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New brand to appear on Kreshchatik

Kreschatik 29 / 1, Kiev residents who remember the store as a "Bulgarian Rose" will no longer be vacant. In 2010, Khreshatik will have another clothing store - Marks&Spencer.


Principles of competent operator

Myroslav Alexandrovich, your company “MT-Invest” is the operator of merging and acquisition market in Ukraine. Tell please in your opinion, who was the main buyer of the assets of Ukrainian companies in 2009?

Unfortunately, in 2009 Ukrainian companies seldom were acted as a buyer of assets.


Effective team - the guarantor of success.

Comments, 09.04.2010

Tabaharnyuk Miroslav A.
Vice President of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Union, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Company "MT-Invest, candidate of economic science.


Recipe for a successful sale of any business.

Comments, 23.04.2010

Miroslav A. Tabaharnyuk,
Vice President of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Union, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Company "MT-Invest, candidate of economic science.


Merges and Acquisition in Ukrainian style.

Delovaya Stolitsa, 26.04.2010

Merges and Acquisition in Ukrainian style or reasons for the lack of activity in the M&A market

Economic crisis, political instability, a number of elections, conflicting laws are those realities in which the Ukrainian business was forced to be the last year or two. The instability of the banking system and lack of access to credit resources have become the “litmus test”, which clearly demonstrated absence of ability of many Ukrainian companies to plan their activities and efficient use of financial resources. Panic of many managers led to massive reductions in personnel, the bankruptcy of branches, and from time to time – to the closure of at first glance sufficiently large and sustainable companies.


M&A – “golden key” to the investment

Myroslav Alexandrovich, please, tell me what is the main sphere of activity of the company “MT-Invest”, and what you consider being the main benefits of your company?

“MT-Invest” - is the operator of the Mergers&Acquisitions market (M&A). The essence of activity of such operator is to contribute to the transaction - whether buying or selling a business attract different kinds of investments, etc. Today, when access to financial resources is difficult enough, holding the transaction to sell some assets for many companies is a very successful exit from the crisis. In addition, there is not always necessary to sale business entirely. “MT-Invest” also serves as an investment broker who can help to find a strategic investor, financial partner.


Effective management is a guarantor of getting over the crisis

Myroslav Alexandrovich I understand that the theme of the crisis already is bored to death, and yet – what is the root cause of what is happening? European countries are almost solved the problem, while Ukraine is still in a dire situation? How can you explain this?

The question "Who is guilty?" and "What to do?" in relation to the Slavic people were raised long before the crisis, and our conversation. But, specifically, the current crisis exposed the lack of competitiveness of Ukraine. Government, business, society - is a triangle of responsibility. Neither side was ready for such a test. The political failure of the current government - a topic which has already been a lot said, and only lazy people today do not criticize the government now. The question that worries me, as a representative of the business community and as someone who has experience in managing companies - it is poor management that exists in all spheres of Ukrainian business. The responsibility of business is to be competitive in all conditions.


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